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Exactly why you should work with me

Writing your own content is exhausting.

Or so everyone tells me. Personally, I'm all about it—so much so that I made it my job to write the content you're not interested in DIYing.

What a coin-ki-dink that you, a business owner who'd rather design websites/speak at conferences/watch paint dry than write their own marketing content should be here, on the website of a ghostwriter who specializes in blogging?

Huh. Imagine the odds.

I ghostwrite for small business owners and solopreneurs.

All my current projects with indie business owners are years-long working relationships, and I'm looking to add a few more to my calendar.

What types of content can I create for you? Blog posts, social media copy (like Facebook posts and Instagram captions), email newsletters, e-books, and video scripts.

Niches: General women's lifestyle, health/wellness, job search and career growth, secondary and post-secondary education, AFAB adolescence (think: teens and tweens), progressive issues,  and relationships

Pricing: Starts at a minimum of $500/month on a monthly retainer

I also work with digital marketing agencies.

Looking to expand your team of writers? Start with one who knows what she's doing. I craft content that wows client and arrives exactly as briefed, complete with adherence to AP or house style, photo research, authority linking, and meta data.

If you're working with clients that require more in-depth research or linking (think: medical journals for a nutritional supplement manufacturer), well, that's my specialty. The account execs I work with come to me with their difficult customers. Some are hard to please. Others need exacting details. I always deliver, and now I'm opening my schedule up to more agency work.

Types of content: Blog posts, placed editorial articles, social media copy, and in-depth on-site guides. Please note: I will not place articles myself.

Niches: lifestyle, interiors and home improvement, health/wellness, careers, relationships, and education

Pricing: Starts at $0.08/word and increases depending on the scope, subject, and specifications required

My clients make me blush!

I asked them to give it to you straight. Here's what they're saying:

"So Valuable"

I am a one-woman show. It can be so hard to keep up with content marketing on social media, blogs, newsletters, etc. Instead of spending hours trying to come up with ideas by myself, [working with Brittany allows me to] focus my energy on another aspect of my business.

Megan Powell

logo and brand designer at little dot creative

"Pretty Magical"

Before I began working with Brittany, my content was good, but not amazing. To be a thought leader in my industry, I need amazing! The process is very easy. I just brain dump and Brittany makes sense of it.

Carrie Doyle

strategic business partner at the center for creative leadership, education technology consultant

"So Needed"

Brittany was great to work with. She's so personable and asked me all the right questions! Her fresh, outside perspective on my business and blog was so needed. She came back with the type of creative post ideas that I've been needing for my blog.

Jess Freeman

graphic and web designer at jess creatives