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The way i see it, you're looking at two options: you can toot your own horn. Or, you can hire someone to do it for you. This is door #2.

DIY is great. DIY is awesome. I'm all about DIY. But you've gotta have time to DIY. And if time is one thing you don't have, well, I have a few solutions.

Three, in fact:

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monthly blogging

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custom ghostwriting

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My clients make me blush. I asked them to give it to you straight. Here's what they're saying.

"Before I began working with Brittany, my content was good, but not amazing. To be a thought leader in my industry, I need amazing! The process is very easy. I just brain dump and Brittany makes sense of it. I'm not sure how she does it. It's pretty magical."

—Carrie Doyle

strategic business partner at the Center for Creative Leadership; independent education technology and curriculum development consultant

"I am a one-woman show. It can be so hard to keep up with content marketing on social media, blogs, newsletters, etc. Instead of spending hours trying to come up with ideas by myself, [working with Brittany allows me to] focus my energy on another aspect of my business."

—megan powell

logo and brand designer at Little Dot Creative

"Brittany was great to work with. She's so personable and asked me all the right questions! Her fresh, outside perspective on my business and blog was so needed. She came back with the type of creative post ideas that I've been needing for my blog."

—jess freeman

graphic and web designer at Jess Creatives


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