Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The copyright and excerpt stuff you need to know

PUBLISHED June 6, 2016 | UPDATED MAY 7, 2019

Copyright information

All words and graphics that appear on SeeBrittWrite.com are the sole creative property of Brittany Taylor and attributed authors and creators (i.e. in the case of guest posts, excerpted content, and other content produced in partnership with Brittany Taylor and SeeBrittWrite.com), and are thus protected under the Copyright Law of the United States of America.

Sharing blog posts and graphics

Original graphics published on SeeBrittWrite.com may be shared on social media platforms and other blogs for non-commercial purposes without express permission, so long as attribution and a link back to the specific source page referenced OR mention of the @SeeBrittWrite social media handle (on Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram) or @SeeBrittWriteDotCom (on Facebook) is included.

Sharing resources and products available via download

Content available for free or paid download is offered for the educational use of the SeeBrittWrite.com audience. Under no circumstances may a free or paid download be shared with individuals who have not downloaded the original content themselves, nor may it be excerpted in whole or part.

If you find resources and/or products from SeeBrittWrite.com useful and would like to offer a shout-out, I'd love that. Please include a direct link to the download or purchase page (and let me know so I can thank you!).

Sharing email newsletters

Content supplied by email may be excerpted without express permission according to the copyright standards of fair use, so long as attribution and a link to SeeBrittWrite.com's email newsletter subscription form accompanies the excerpt.

Comment policy:

As of May 22, 2018, SeeBrittWrite.com does not offer commenting capabilities to visitors.

Past comments may be edited or deleted at the discretion of me, Brittany Taylor, the owner of SeeBrittWrite.com.

Comments may also be referenced, excerpted, or shared in full in future content either on SeeBrittWrite.com, via email newsletters associated with SeeBrittWrite.com, on social media accounts associated with SeeBrittWrite.com, and in products and resources developed and produced by Brittany Taylor.