The 21 best days to start something new

By Brittany Taylor

I like new beginnings. Fresh slates? They perk me right up.

But I’m also a procrastinator.

As much as I enjoy thinking about starting something new and stewing in the anticipation of a launch, I’m also remarkably good at watching Day 1 go sailing by, excuses at hand for why I missed my self-administered deadline:

It was the wrong day.

Too many other things were starting then—it would have gotten lost!

This day next month is so much better.

I need more time to get things done.

I’m just not sure it’s the right thing for me to focus on right now.

It doesn’t make sense to start something new on this particular date.

Nobody’s going to buy it if I do it now!

People are way too busy to pay attention to what I’m doing this week.

My engagement has been down all month; I should delay my launch.

See? The excuses roll right off my fingertips.

The truth is, there isn’t one perfect day—there are tons of them.

The best day to launch something is one you stick to. Sometimes, though, that takes a little mental trickery. 

action plan

21 days to start something new—for real this time!

Need a start date that sounds good to your brain and gets you excited about your Next Big Thing?

Fret not over your calendar and don’t go running to a fortune teller. I’ve got a whole list of days ready to go. Read ‘em…and then get to work.

  • The first of the month
  • A new moon (or a full moon)
  • Midsummer (or midwinter)
  • A bank holiday (think: Labor Day, Columbus Day, Memorial Day, Boxing Day)
  • A day known for sales, like Black Friday
  • Any Monday
  • A fictional important day, like May 4th, October 3rd, or July 31st
  • Your business anniversary
  • The first day of school in your local community (or a community you want to target)
  • The first day of a new business quarter
  • 2, 4, 6, or 8 weeks out from a holiday you can theme a launch around
  • The first day of a new season, which is usually around the 21st of March, June, September, and December
  • The birthdate of a famous person who stands for something your launch supports
  • An uncommon day, like February 29th or Friday the 13th
  • Your birthday
  • The first day of a new astrological sign
  • The anniversary of an important cultural accomplishment, like a rocket launch, moon landing, or World Cup win
  • An auspicious date, like 7/7 or 11/11
  • Either the spring or autumnal equinox
  • The end of a Mercury retrograde period
  • A bizarre holiday (get ‘em all here)

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- Brittany Taylor