How to start blogging again after a break

By Brittany Taylor

How to start blogging again after a break

5 steps to follow no matter how long you've been away from your blog

by Brittany Taylor

Last updated JUNE 19, 2019

I’ve abandoned my fair share of blogs. Personal blogs and professional, it doesn’t matter—I’ve kicked both into the gutter and then got down on my belly to pull ‘em out, clean ‘em up, and return with ample apologies weeks, months, even years later.

And you know what? I’m hardly the first or the last to skip out on my blogging obligations.

It seems like a December-January trend. I’ve seen scads of my favorite top bloggers and online business owners post sheepish mea culpas over the last few weeks, apologizing to their followers for forgetting to blog, for checking out, for disappearing on them.

Having made apology tours of my own, I know the nail-biting that goes into them. I know how anxious we all are to get it right. This is the quickie guide to doing exactly that. Here’s how to go back to blogging the right way.

Ready to go back to blogging? Here’s how

What’s a business owner to do after abandoning their blog for an eon (or, um, a month)? Slide back into the routine gracefully, of course.

Here’s how to do exactly that in five do-able steps that I follow every time I fall off the blogging train. And hey, welcome back to blogging, boss.

Step 1. Get over the guilt

Acceptance is the first step to just about everything. If you carry your guilt over abandoning your blog—or any other project you’ve let fall by the wayside—as you try to resurrect your blogging routine, you’re going to be weighed down by it. You’re going to be burning energy on that shitty thing you did rather than on the work you need to do to move forward.

Tell yourself that you dropped this ball and it’s OK, because now you’re going to pick it back up. And then give yourself permission to stop mooning around over what a shitty person/blogger/business owner you are because, yo, that shit ain’t true. All you did was not blog.

Repeat after me: Nobody cares as much as you do.

Step 2. Figure out what happened

Sit on that apology tour a little longer, boss. We’re still on the Y-O-U part of this journey. Next up: Bail out the water and plug the holes.

If you don’t want to be making the same “I’m so, so sorry!” statement a few months from now, you need to know why you messed up in the first place and you need to create an actionable plan to help you avoid those sticking points.

Here are a few common possibilities along with potential fixes:
  • You had a rush of last-minute client work. See above for a great go-to for nearly any situation. When clients are grabbing up all your time, though, I find it helpful to block in a few writing sessions that are just for me so that I don’t lose my focus on my business. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with being your own client sometimes.
  • You’ve been focused on another business project. Again, take note of the first solution. Sometimes, we can’t predict how much a single project is going to overwhelm our creativity. Now that you know, though, you can plan ahead. A few batch blog-writing days could be a good option before you dive in to your big project.
  • You stopped feeling inspired to blog. This problem requires a deeper look at your blog and your business. Maybe you feel like you’ve said everything you’ve had to say. Maybe you feel as though other bloggers are saying it better, so why should you even bother? Maybe you feel like your heart just isn’t in this anymore. Whatever is at the heart of your blogging hiatus, acknowledge that and begin figuring out a new path to follow that will help recharge your creative battery.
Step 3. Publish a new blog post

And by “new blog post,” I don’t mean an extended apology, I mean a substantial piece of content that is in line with the rest of your work or with the sort of content you want to produce in the future.

The only exception: If you must, you can write a “Why I stopped blogging—and why I’m back” post, but use it as an opportunity to get personal with your readers. Let them inside your life, your business, and your brain for just a moment.

Do follow the apology rules in Step 5, though.

Step 4. Announce your return

Telling the world you messed up sucks, I know. But you need to do it anyway. Pretending this flub never happened and going along like you’ve maintained a perfect record will prevent you from accepting that, yes, actually, it did happen.

So, go on out there and tell the world you goofed. Tell them you failed. Tell them you bit it. Wave that white flag all over social media.

And then, tell them why. Pull back the curtain and let them see what’s going on in your life that caused you to be less than perfect. Pro tip: Showing your humanity will win you points with your followers.

Step 5. Apologize once

Seriously, if you feel like you need to tell your followers you’re sorry for not keeping up with a blog you’re writing and producing and publishing and all that junk for free, say “sorry!” once. Just once. Nobody wants to watch heaps of tears and hand-wringing, and you don’t owe that to anyone, anyway.

One “sorry” and then you’re moving on. Back to business. Got it? Good.

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Hello! My name is Brittany Taylor, and I am a ghostwriter based in Charleston, S.C.

Brittany Taylor


Hello! My name is Brittany Taylor, and I am a ghostwriter based in Charleston, S.C.


Brittany Taylor

Hello! My name is Brittany Taylor, and I am a ghostwriter based in Charleston, S.C.

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