70 content prompts for course creators promoting a new product launch

By Brittany Taylor


70 content prompts for course creators promoting a new product launch

Roll out your new e-course with the fanfare it deserves (and attract scads of new students to boot).

by Brittany Taylor

published June 7, 2018

Bless you, course creators, you bestowers of higher learning. Bless your generosity. Bless your knowledge. Bless your follow-through.

Creating a course—developing a course, writing a course, producing a course—is the work of determined business owners. Selling a course, though? Selling a course takes everything to a whole new level of difficulty.

But you, blessed course creator? You have this. And I have a big little list of things that can help: writing prompts just for you, writing prompts just for course creators.

As you build your launch plan, you can use these writing prompts to begin thinking about the blog posts you want to create as part of your content marketing efforts. Whether you want to publish a series of posts on your own blog, intend to be a guest blogger on another space, or if you’re thinking about composing a series of emails for a newsletter or mini-blog posts for Instagram, these prompts will help you dream up a host of interesting possibilities.

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70 writing prompts for course creators

Forget about penning a yawn-inducing “5 reasons to buy my new course” post. You’ve got more original fish to fry.

These blog post prompts will help you come up with dynamic ideas that will sell potential customers on you and your expertise before you bowl ‘em over with your offer.

These writing prompts are meant to inspire you. For tips on how to use blog post prompts (and basic brainstorming techniques), click here.

Ready to wow? Read on...
  • 1
    The most recent lesson you learned
  • 2
    What made your worst teacher so terrible?
  • 3
    The class that you didn’t think you’d like, but you actually really enjoyed
  • 4
    The one thing that makes it impossible for you to learn
  • 5
    A regret you have about your education
  • 6
    What pop culture character has taught you the most?
  • 7
    What lesson do you wish you remembered better?
  • 8
    The good grade you fought hardest for
  • 9
    The reason you adored your favorite class or subject
  • 10
    What made your best year in school so fabulous?
  • 11
    The online course creator that’s taught you the most
  • 12
    What’s the best teaching approach for you and your brain?
  • 13
    The worst nightmare you ever had that took place at school
  • 14
    Your worst school picture
  • 15
    The dynamics of your middle school friend group
  • 16
    What did you always keep in your locker?
  • 17
    The substitute teacher you remember best
  • 18
    Your favorite gym class activity
  • 19
    Your weird-for-you school crush
  • 20
    The worst lie you ever told a teacher
  • 21
    The place that taught you the most about life
  • 22
    A lesson you would love to learn from another person
  • 23
    The first thing you remember being taught
  • 24
    A learning moment you wish you didn’t have to live through
  • 25
    What you think you could learn from a student
  • 26
    If you went back to school now, what would you go there to learn?
  • 27
    What should be taught in schools, but isn’t?
  • 28
    The most important thing you’ve taught yourself
  • 29
    The people you’d most want to eat lunch with, if you could choose anyone from the past or present
  • 30
    What is one thing you wish more people understood about what you do?
  • 31
    What would you like to teach your students next?
  • 32
    The best question your students could ask you
  • 33
    How would your course change if someone else taught it?
  • 34
    The hardest part of creating your course
  • 35
    What all of your students have in common
  • 36
    If you were assigning required reading to go with your course, what would be on your book list?
  • 37
    The first thing your students need to do to get the most out of your course
  • 38
    A pop culture icon that’s taught you valuable life lessons
  • 39
    Why you wouldn’t want to go back to a certain grade in school
  • 40
    The best advice you’ve received about learning
  • 41
    Who do you think would make an excellent school principal?
  • 42
    A book you read in school that you’ve recently reread and learned things from
  • 43
    Your favorite thing about being a student
  • 44
    A song with a lyric or meaning that has changed your life
  • 45
    What was most important to you as you designed your course
  • 46
    What you think you need to learn, as a teacher or educator
  • 47
    Something you missed out on as a student
  • 48
    An educational opportunity kids have now that you wish you had when you were younger
  • 49
    Who would make you absolutely starstruck, if they enrolled in your class today?
  • 50
    What you think about the value of homework
  • 51
    A characteristic you think all teachers should have
  • 52
    One word that best describes your class
  • 53
    If you had to add another lesson to your course, what would it be?
  • 54
    A silly mistake you made in school that you can’t forget about
  • 55
    Your archenemy in middle school
  • 56
    Did you ever think you would become a teacher?
  • 57
    Why you lost touch with a special friend from grade school
  • 58
    A dream occupation you never pursued
  • 59
    The best gift you could give a teacher
  • 60
    Your best excuse for staying home from school
  • 61
    The students who should absolutely not take your class
  • 62
    The kind of people you were jealous of when you were in high school
  • 63
    Your favorite field trip
  • 64
    The emotion you felt when you graduated
  • 65
    A big dream you have for the students you’re teaching
  • 66
    Your favorite school supply
  • 67
    The niftiest cheating method you have ever heard of
  • 68
    Are you in favor of school uniforms?
  • 69
    A half-day ritual you remember fondly
  • 70
    How your course would change if you were teaching it in-person rather than online

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