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These are my 5 favorite linkedin profiles. just don't tell the folks i didn't pick, ok?

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“Family law is personal. We know it’s not just your business, your bank accounts, and your assets we’re working with—it’s your life. That’s why we ensure that your experience working with our firm is a positive one. It’s not just the results that matter. At DeTorres and DeGeorge, the process counts, too.”

Rosanne DeTorres

divorce and family law attorney

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“Strong, effective leaders have the power to make a difference in people’s lives, but only if they’re given the tools to do so. My tool of choice is emotional intelligence (EQ). EQ training and strategies allow leaders to remain engaged with those they manage while making critical strategic- and performance-based decisions that benefit their organizations.”

Drew Bird

leadership specialist and emotional intelligence master trainer, ClearPoint Leadership

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“I didn’t go looking for change. Change found me when a client mentioned she’d recently become a Rodan + Fields consultant. I looked into it and loved what I saw: Skincare products developed by the creators of Proactiv backed by a business model that supports women entrepreneurs who want to take control of their lives. It was a mission, a product, and a model I believed in and trusted, so I took the leap. And ladies? It was the best career move I’ve ever made.”

Allyson Crozier

consultant and team leader, Rodan + Fields

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“What if there was one place where recruiters across the healthcare industry could find the best candidates to fill their open positions, fast?In 1999, I decided to change how healthcare recruitment advertising is done. Now, more than 18 years later, my company, O.I.S. Media, has changed the face of healthcare hiring across the United States—and that change isn’t slowing down anytime soon.”

Christina Timmons-Snider

president/CEO and founder, O.I.S. Media

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“Lifelong learning is our motto, and it’s one I come by authentically. My quest for learning has supported my 20+ years in education technology. I stay committed to being involved in helping this industry continue to evolve and thrive.”

Carrie Doyle

strategic business partner, Center for Career Leadership; education technology consultant

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