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shh! These are ghost-written blog posts for a handful of my clients.

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Is gluten-free a fad (or is gluten a foe)?

We’ve been through fad after fad in an effort to whittle waistlines, squeeze into our high school jeans, get fit for swimsuit season, and to get healthier overall.

But with people now cherry picking what we're willing to eat and what we're not, we’re starting to see the fad diet backlash hit foods that are also tied to sensitivities and intolerances.

excerpt from a blog post for Well Humans, a wellness consultancy run by Carla Alpert

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It’s the light that gets me.

As a photographer, it’s the first thing I notice about a place. As a traveler, it’s essential to what I remember about a trip. My memories are keyed to how Mother Nature lit a certain moment. The light is transformative. It’s moody. It tells the story of the place, and it does it all in a snapshot. A weak ray cutting through fog? Just the beginning of a cactus-strewn morning. A sunset piercing the rim of a margarita glass? The precipice between a day in the sun and a tequila-soaked night out in Todos Santos.

excerpt from a blog post for Helynn Ospina

photographer, interiors and travel

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Save your sales! How to use a waitlist to maximize every sale you run

You run a sale to get people in the door. That’s what the circulars are for, the TV spots, the radio ads, the email blasts, the social media posts—it’s all to get eyes on your business and cars in your parking lot.

But what happens when all that promo works better than you’ve dreamed, and you’re overrun with customers eager to snap up whatever it is you’re selling? You lose them…unless you have a plan in place to handle the high customer volume...

excerpt from a blog post for Waitlist Me, a waitlist and reservation SAAS app

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LinkedIn Pulse post

3 LinkedIn headline strategies for students that are better than "recent graduate"

Six seconds—that’s how long a recruiter spends looking at your LinkedIn profile or your resume on average.

Six seconds.

That’s a little longer than it takes you to blink. And it’s just enough time for you to captivate a recruiter’s attention and keep him engaged in the superb-ness that is you as a job candidate.

excerpt from a LinkedIn Pulse post for Ron Nash, founder of Coach Ron Nash Interactive Career Coaching

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