12 reasons to publish new blog content during the holidays

By Brittany Taylor

12 reasons to publish new content during the holiday season

Dec. 10, 2015 

I love the holiday season. But you know what I hate? Opening up my Feedly to find a big bunch of zeroes. No new content (‘cause I binged on it all yesterday—oops). No fun anecdotes. No fresh advice columns. No nothing.

“Maybe you should get out more, Brittany”—yeah, I’m sure somebody somewhere is saying it! Let’s be honest, though: From holiday parties to looong family visits, this season is a marathon of getting out more. We all need a break, and thanks to Apple et al, we all turn to our gadgets when that break arrives. Some of us play Candy Crush (still…), some of us tweet, and some of read anything remotely interesting we can scrounge up. I fall into the last category, and I’m not the only one. The problem is that there’s a dearth of good stuff to read while I am work-free and bored.

What does that mean for you?

Because so many bloggers take (well-earned) breaks during the Christmas-to-New Year stretch, the time is just right to write and schedule posts now that will go live later. I discussed the three big reasons consistently publishing blog posts during the holidays is a must for small businesses here. The CliffNotes version looks a little something like this:

#1. Consistency. Sure, right now two weeks away from the old business blog sounds reasonable. But come January, it’ll be much harder to regain your momentum—and to reconnect with your readers.

#2. Customer wants and needs. When we have downtime, we shy away from sitting still and doing nothing. Your content can fill their time.

#3. Connection. You don’t have to be a holiday junkie like me to appreciate the values the season has to offer. It’s a time when we get closer, share what we love, and lend a hand. And those three areas all offer you the opportunity to open up to your audience on a more personal level.

Still on the fence? Here are even more reasons to work a little overtime now to keep your momentum going through 2016.

12 reasons to keep publishing new blog content during the holidays:

  1. Airport layovers.
  1. Peppermint mochas (and the requisite time spent sipping them in coffee shops).
  1. Family dinners and the need for non-political conversation topics.
  1. The hours between the kids faking falling asleep and Santa actually coming to town.
  1. Road trips to grandmother’s house.
  1. Extended potty breaks with the ulterior motive of quiet time away from the gazillion people shoved into your living room.
  1. Meltdowns during family events require significant post-tirade distraction.
  1. You can only stare at the roaring fire for so long.
  1. Because he said “I’ll be ready in five!” 35 minutes ago.
  1. When you get lost going to grandmother’s house and he refuses to burn data for directions, you’ll want to be focused on something other than crowing, “I told you so.”
  1. You’re ready for the guests to arrive two hours before they actually do.
  1. It’s already a habit. Why add it to your list of resolutions again?

The #1 reason businesses should blog during the holidays? Airport layovers. Here are 11 more | via SeeBrittWrite.com

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