22 times Kate McKinnon was all of us in a meeting that wouldn’t end

By Brittany Taylor

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22 Kate McKinnon was all of us in a meeting that wouldn't end

Boss funnies #1

by Brittany Taylor

published March 15, 2017

updated June 5, 2018

Kate McKinnon is a funny lady in all the ways. She’s ha-ha funny, physical funny, cerebral funny. She thinks fart jokes are the best, she always goes big, and she adores her job.

I dig people who just want to work, and this lady works hard, which makes her a killer candidate for a little fun.

She also crafts the best reaction shots ever.

Ready for laughs? If you’ve got a meeting on the books—or you just like a little workplace nostalgia—these are the 22 GIFs you need to file away for those inevitable /headdesk-slash-OMG meeting moments.

#1. Right before you go into every single meeting ever. /deepbreath

#2. That time the know-it-all coworker said something that you needed to tell everyone everywhere, like, now.

#3. When Big Boss looks you in the eye and says, "Great point. Let's go with that."

#4. When a small, devoted contingent of coworkers will not stop beating the dead horse the rest of you buried in the corner of the conference room 30 minutes ago.

#5: That time your contribution was so on-point that your work enemy agreed with you. Out loud. In front of everyone. And you didn't pinch yourself and wake up.

#6. When you get the G-D meeting back on track after a 20-minute tangent on thongs. Seriously, what? And also: whyyy?

#7. That time your boss said something super creepy gross and all you could do was this.

#8. When your coworker interrupts someone to say something you've been patiently waiting half the meeting to bring up.

#9: When your boss asks you to answer a question and you have a flashback to AP U.S. History circa lifetime ago.

#10. The first time you got to sit down in one of the plush spin-y chairs instead of standing awkwardly by the window.

#11. When you're basically dying from allergies and are STILL the meeting VIP, mostly because everyone else showed up to work hungover.

#12. Every single time your boss says something wrong and yet you know this is not a hill you want to die on.

#13. When your coworker is like, "Oh, yeah! I'll forward that to you as soon as I get back to my desk." Uh huh. Like you did the last 42 times, you mean?

#14. That time your boss called a completely unnecessary check-in meeting to see how you're doing when you've been pulling 12-hour days and just want to get shit done and go home.

#15. ...and then, your boss asks if you have plans after work tonight. You know. Because it's Friday.

#16. When you take your jacket off and you're wearing another jacket underneath because it is so cold.

#17. When lunch arrives.

#18. When you set up your work bestie to pitch the perfect idea.

#19. When you've got nothing left but sarcasm.

#20. That time you were presenting a PowerPoint to a client and were almost done and your colleague just...ate it. Dude. What happened with slide 152?

#21. When that well-meaning coworker keeps spit-balling truly terrible ideas.

#22. That one awesome time your boss ended the damn thing on time.

About Kate McKinnon

Kate McKinnon is a two-time Emmy Award-winning actress for her work on SNL. You know her from your Facebook feed as Hillary Clinton, Jeff Sessions, and Kellyanne Conway. In 2016, she starred in Ghostbusters with Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Leslie Jones, and in 2017, she played a nutty Australian in the lady-fronted comedy Rough Night.

Watch Kate’s best SNL sketches for hours and hours on NBC.

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