The 12 steps of Christmas for creatives

By Brittany Taylor

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The 12 steps of Christmas for creative business owners

Consider this a spoiler for the gift-giving season

by Brittany Taylor

published november 27, 2017

updated May 30, 2018

Creatives are the most self-critical group of people I know—until the holidays loom large on the calendar. Then, we’re all peacock-chested idiots with glue guns who can, without a doubt, make absolutely anything we see absolutely anywhere.

Mhm. Sure we can.

There’s nothing like a homemade gift—nothing like the ingenuity, resourcefulness, time, and money it takes to make it. Also: the literal blood, sweat and tears.

While it feels great to wrap up a DIY masterpiece, most of the time, our grand plans don’t all make it under the tree.


31 Christmas-themed blog post prompts to help you get rolling on holiday content.

The 12 steps of Christmas for creative business owners

Step away from the sewing machine and put down that staple gun. Before you roll up your sleeves and break out the first-aid kit, have a wee helping of humble pie.

Forgot how the holidays went last year when you decided to DIY your way to the best Christmas ever? Yeah, me, too. Let me remind you with a little help from Love Actually:

Step 1. Create a holiday playlist before pumpkin spice hits Starbucks
Step 2. Google DIY gift ideas and scroll through 33 pages of search results
Step 3. Gleefully sing Christmas songs while hatching elaborate holiday crafting plans
Step 4. Inventory supplies and make shopping list
Step 5. Get sticker shock at Michael’s
Step 6. Go home. Hit up Etsy
Step 7. Cry
Step 8. Pretend the holidays aren’t happening this year
Step 9. Promise you’ll send Mom a wish list while basting the Thanksgiving turkey
Step 10. Slyly ask Mom what she thinks of random catalogue pages
Step 11. Panic when the one thing she likes is out of stock until January 2
Step 12. Spend the day piling stuff into your Amazon cart, then decide at 9:30 that you’re just gonna make that thing, after all


It's never too late to ace the holidays! Here's my guide of must-do's and must don'ts for creative entrepreneurs and everyone else.


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