31 Christmas-themed blog post prompts to help you brainstorm last-minute content

By Brittany Taylor

When I worked at The Magazine, holiday content started at mid-summer. Coming up with puns involving winter coats and hot cocoa was painful—especially the week our office’s A.C. up ‘n’ died.

Back then, I had a Christmas-in-July ritual. As soon as our fall issue closed, I opened up Spotify and dragged-and-dropped my way to a carol-packed playlist. The bum-bum-bum of The Nutcracker Suite and a sassy “Baby It’s Cold Outside” never failed to get me thinking snowflakes instead of sunburns.

Holidays in the digital world are a different story. Sure, you can plan way, way ahead. More likely, though, you’re a bit of a procrastinator on the content-publishing front. But that's OK. Like the shopping elves hitting the malls on Christmas Eve, you hit it hard at the last minute—and you want to hit it out of the park.

I’m here to help. Use these Christmas-themed blog post prompts well and no one will know you stayed up late to hit publish instead of sneaking a peek at Santa.

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31 Christmas-themed blog post prompts to get you in the writing spirit this season

Ready to get down to business? Grab a cuppa and turn on something seasonal. It’s time to take off your jack-of-all-trades boss hat and snap up a topper that’s red and white and fuzzy all over.

That’s right; it’s holiday blogging time. Whether you’re running late or getting a jump start on your content creation, I’ve got a list loaded with ideas to suit any pro blogger, entrepreneur, or working professional. Feeling Christmas-y? I got ya covered.

Read on for my best Christmas-themed blog post prompts.

#1. What would your reindeer name be?

Think about it: Those reindeer have some sassy names! Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid, Donder and Blitzen?

#2. Did you have a Hermey moment?

When you’re born to do a thing but are driven to do another, what do you do? Study up on toy-painting breaks, obvi.

#3. Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul. What words best describe your brand?

You don’t have to have a corncob pipe and a button nose to be iconic. How would people describe your personality or presence?

#4. If you could create a wish list for your business, your industry, your audience, or your clientele, what would be on it?

Think big-picture—Peace! Love! More sales!—or detail-centric.

#5. Father Christmas. Kris Kringle. Saint Nick. Santa has a lot of aliases. What would yours be?

Maybe it’s a persona you’ve adopted or a nickname that’s been given to you.

#6. What about your work brings you joy?

For me, it’s the community and the people I work with. You inspire me.

#7. If you were visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, what would you see?

Would a bad boss make an appearance on yours? My worst def-o would. /shiver

#8. What’s a truth you want to tell the world?

Mine for you: You really are exactly where you’re meant to be. Work hard not to feel guilty about that.

#9. If it costs you everything you own, if you have to sell your soul to the devil himself, what would you move heaven and earth to do right now? (home alone)

I am gonna knock my daily blogging challenge out of the park, y’all. Channel your inner mama bear and get it done!

#10. How are you spreading Christmas cheer?

I mean, “singing loud for all to hear” is my motto 24/7/365. I’ll be sending apology cards to my neighbors any day now. Your turn!

#11. What’s your holiday season plan of attack?

Whether you’re working or taking off, you’ll get no judgment from me.

#12. How do you bring the Christmas frame of mind to work?

For me, the holidays are all about giving. I try to give as much of myself, my talent, and my heart as I can.

#13. What’s the best gift you’ve ever given?

I don’t mean to brag, but I made this...

J/K. I'm totally bragging

#14. What work-type-thing are you nostalgic for?

Mine: I miss the dominance of paper. I love the internet and I love the pace of digital, but man, does it feel retro to crack open a notebook.

#15. How do you deal with disappointment?

With great celebrations come huge, huge, huge expectations.

#16. What are the biggest excuses you lean on?

“I’m too tired to do X” is my go-to. What's stopping you from getting work done and reaching your full potential?

#17. What have you done to be on the naughty list this year?

Insert my best “who, me?” face here. Wink wink, Santa baby.

#18. What’s your best bit of holiday advice?

(Here’s mine, in case you were wondering.)

#19. Who is on your nice list?

I mean, I’m not saying I should be on it or anything, but

#20. What words are you keeping in mind this new year?

My word is: accountability.

#21. What is it that makes you resist what other people flock to or celebrate?

I love me some Christmas, but I know not everyone does. Does it stick in your craw?

#22. What actions are you taking to put all your troubles out of sight next year?

Mine: I’m focusing on month-long challenges that I’m also documenting on Instagram. What are you doing?

#23. What are you swearing off in the new year?

I refuse to swear off swearing. Just FYI.

#24. How are you taking care of yourself during a season focused on others?

Say it with me: Self-care matters!

#25. How do you juggle all the things you need to do?

I mean, not everyone can pull this off.

#26. What spins do you put on tradition?

Honestly, does anybody really roast chestnuts over an open fire anymore? That sounds like a hazard. Smokey The Bear that shiz.

#27. Is there something you do that’s not expected or expeditious or efficient, but you do it anyway?

You have to have a pretty mean hop to make this a top method of transportation.

#28. Do you have an inner baddie?

Perhaps you’re a mischievous Jack Frost. Maybe you’re an irritable Heat Miser. Or, uh, you could be more of a Krampus. Yikes.

#29. If you were going to write a toast summing up the past year, what would you say?

Here’s to you and you and you.

#30. What are you doing differently this year?

They say insanity is doing the same stupid thing over and over again.

#31. What do you think flew under the radar this year and deserves to be celebrated?

So many possibilities, folks.

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