Ultimate brand resource guide for creatives

Everything you need to know to keep your brand growing in the right direction

What is a brand?

A brand is a noun, which, as you might recall from your elementary school grammar tome, is a person, place, or thing. The goal of a brand is to create one sharply honed idea of what this person, place, or thing is.

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How to start building an identity for your brand

+ why it's important to dig in to all the little details

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What's a mission statement?

a step-by-step guide to DIYing your mission statement

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16 questions to keep your branding intentional an on-track


Where to start when you're creating your brand values

Hint: It's Y-O-U.

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What is a vision statement?

+ why you might be having a hard time coming up with one

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Write a manifesto that fires you up

How to start thinking in terms of brand story

Stories stick out in readers' minds. If you want your target audience to remember who you are and what your brand does, developing a brand story is essential for your business' growth.

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target customer

How to talk directly to your dream customer

...without alienating the rest of your audience

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80 questions to help your figure out who exactly your target customer is