How to brainstorm blog post ideas using astrology

By Brittany Taylor


How to brainstorm blog post ideas using astrology and horoscopes

Add a little moon magic to your brainstorming practice

by Brittany Taylor

published November 18, 2017

updated May 30, 2018

Apparently, there are people out there who start conversations by asking about your star sign. I’m not one of those people.

However, I do enjoy a horoscope. I dig a little tarot. Some woo in my life is a good thing. And I am definitely an embodiment of my star sign. Scorpio checking in, folks!

You don’t have to be an astrology junkie or even an occasional horoscope-reader to be able to use your star sign as a brainstorming spring board. You don’t have to know the ins and outs of planetary movement to be inspired by them—or to be inspired by other people who are inspired by them.

Today, I’m showing you exactly how to do that. Here’s a step-by-step guide to drawing inspiration for blog posts and other pieces of content using horoscopes and interpretations of how those heavenly bodies up above interact with each other. Read on to boost your brainstorming M.O.

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How to use horoscopes to brainstorm blog posts

You know the, ahem, silly horoscopes you find in magazines? The ones that tell you what people to date and when to go on a road trip? We’re not talking about those sorts of horoscopes, and we’re not considering the surface-level, “Mercury retrograde? ZOMG!” articles, either.

When you’re drawing inspiration from astrologists, you want to focus on work that’s lyrical, interesting, and emotional. You want to look for astrologists that interpret in a way that you connect with.

Below, I’m sharing three of my favorite sources for astrological inspiration. If you love their style, too, subscribe and follow them! If not, go digging for sources of your own.

The trio I’ll be pulling from in this post are:

Let’s see where this inspiration takes us…

WITCH magazine

You want poetics? Literary allusions? Paintings from the masters and flowery language? WITCH has ya covered. It’s more “out there” and imaginative than any other horoscope or interpretation I’ve read. Each piece gives you a lot to work with, which makes it particularly helpful from a brainstorming perspective.


At this New Moon in Scorpio, you will be asked to defy the forces of Ennui with your seething devotion. With full knowledge of the transmutational tide that is turning, do not let yourself rest in forgetfulness or languish in despair. Instead, resolve to use this New Moon as an opportunity to rise up from the darkness to meet the golden dawn.

Aeolian Heart

When I’m brainstorming, I tend to use word association to come up with my ideas. What I’m liking here are the strong words. “Defy” is aspirational and rebellious. It goes against the grain, against standard advice and protocol, which leaves the door open to express a controversial opinion or philosophy. “Resolve,” on the other hand, makes me think about resolutions, determination, obsession, and making it across the finish line. It’s less about starting than it is about bringing it home, which a lot of online content tends to ignore.

Here are a few blog post ideas drawn from this excerpt:
  • Fitness: Why popular workouts aren’t getting you the body you want
  • Real estate: How # real-life home buyers closed the deal and bought the starter house of their dreams
  • Beauty: # tips to make the makeup world’s biggest beauty don’ts work for you

Madame Clairevoyant

Madame Clairevoyant is done in the format you’re used to seeing from magazines: It’s a weekly column that focuses briefly on each star sign. That’s where the similarities end, though. The Madame somehow knows exactly what each sign needs to hear to get through the week ahead. It’s more motivational than “this is what’s coming.” It’s the zen moment you’re looking for on Monday morning (and you can get it in your email inbox!).


Sometimes it feels like nobody can really see the tenderness in your wild fervent love for the world. This can make it hard to live in a world as harsh as this one. It’s easy to feel like you have to keep strengthening your defenses, but it’s an exhausting way to live, and when it feels like too much, remind yourself that your softness isn’t a weakness to be fixed. It’s a strange treasure.

Madame Clairevoyant

There is so much emotion and relatability going on here, which is what I love about Madame Clairevoyant. This excerpt makes me want to begin with this one reflection on life and the world and people and love and whatever, and to make that observation relevant to a particular audience. The reflections I’m drawn to here are “it’s an exhausting way to live” and “isn’t a weakness to be fixed.”

Here are a few blog post ideas that take these ideas and run with them:
  • Relationships: # affirmations that will help you finally let go of your relationship baggage
  • Travel: How to take the jet lag out of your vacation
  • Wellness: Transform your introversion from a handicap into a superpower

Mystic Mamma

If you’re a visual person, Mystic Mamma should be your first stop. The artwork is glorious, original, and available to order as prints if you happen to fall in love with a particular graphic. And, if you’re more of an Instagram fan than a blog follower or email newsletter subscriber, the site posts excerpts from full horoscopes and interpretations on the social platform. Follow Mystic Mamma @mysticmamma.


When we embrace our Scorpionic nature, we embrace the cycle of death and rebirth that can bring us fulfillment and wholeness…Uranus is quincunx (150* angle) this Scorpio New Moon. Quincunx angles are twitchy – they need to be constantly readjusting to things. With this aspect, we might find ourselves re-adjusted right out of our old behavior patterns in relationships.

Cathy Pagano

Zing, how’s that for a little intergalactic geometry? What inspires me here is the relationship we get between Uranus and the moon. Do I know what a 150-degree angle means? No. Is it significant for my brainstorm? No.

But it is fascinating, and when your brain is fascinated, it makes new connections in new ways—and that means covering your industry and subject matter in ways you haven’t before. Here, we have a relationship that’s a little bit off, a relationship that needs tweaks and changes rather than same-old, same-old.

Let’s see how we can turn these thoughts into blog post headlines:
  • Health: Exactly how to change your diet based on how you’re feeling
  • Photography: # things to try with your clients to get that pose (and that smile!) just right
  • Design: Feelin’ a little “meh” about your branding? Avoid rebranding by trying these # tiny design tweaks


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