23 blogging prompts for mompreneurs

By Brittany Taylor


23 blogging prompts

for mompreneurs, lifestyle bloggers, and working moms running businesses

by Brittany Taylor

published May 7, 2018

updated May 24, 2018

I have to be honest with you: I don’t have any kids. My Goldendoodle and my business are the closest things I have to children, and you and I both know they’re not even close to being comparable.

I’m telling you this because I like transparency and because I have no desire to keep myself separate from my business blog, even if I’m writing about something I don’t have direct experience in. Am I blogging pro? Uh-yup. Am I brainstorming expert? You bet. But the mom thing? That’s your gig, not mine (well, not yet, anyway).

Still, I can help you figure out how to talk about your experience as a parent and as a working mother at the same time that you’re dishing on your online business. No matter what elements of your life you’re sharing online, it all comes down to the same thing: Building a relationship with your readers by sharing a part of your personal life with them.

Whether you’re beginning to figure out how you want to talk about your family online or you’re a long-time mommy blogger struggling to come up with new ideas, these blogging prompts for mompreneurs are here to help.

Read on for 23 ideas to get you started.

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23 blogging prompts for mompreneurs

Blogging prompts are a great way to begin thinking about how you can incorporate your family life and experiences as a mother into your business brand.

These 23 prompts for mompreneurs are the perfect place to start. Whether you’re led to stories about diaper duty or first dates, your own mother or the moment you became a parent, let these story starters guide you to become more personal on your business blog.

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Now, on to the prompts!
  • 1
    Something you regret saying to your mom
  • 2
    Your biggest parenting screw up
  • 3
    A “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” moment you’ve had with your kid
  • 4
    The most trivial first-world complaint you have about being a parent
  • 5
    The first thing you taught your child to do
  • 6
    How having a child changed the way you interact with other people
  • 7
    A behavior you won’t tolerate from your children
  • 8
    Something unexpectedly wise your child has told you
  • 9
    A parenting miracle you’ve experienced
  • 10
    What experience do you most want your child to have?
  • 11
    What would Mom You travel back in time to tell Child You?
  • 12
    How you decided on what your child would call you
  • 13
    The values you’re passing on to your children
  • 14
    A pull-your-hair-out mommy moment
  • 15
    An aspect of raising kids that drives you nuts
  • 16
    How have you changed as a person since becoming responsible for another human being?
  • 17
    What you think the world is doing wrong when it comes to the next generation
  • 18
    How have you been supported by others as a parent?
  • 19
    Something surprisingly easy about being a mom
  • 20
    What stories are you most looking forward to sharing with your kids?
  • 21
    What’s something you wish you could tell everyone who interacts with your children?
  • 22
    Something you take for granted right now
  • 23
    What annoys you most about other parents


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