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Get over the idea that you can't share personal stories at work

Plus a theory of how we landed in this impersonal mess in the first place...

56 storytelling prompts to help you get personal on your blog, email newsletter, and social media

Stop playing the zero-sum game and start thinking about yourself as an integral part of your professional community

Before we can toot our own horns, we have to believe our horns are worth tooting.

This is the first step to seeing yourself as a VIP in your field. Here's an action plan to help you get the zero-sum game out of your head plus 6 questions to help you turn your thoughts from "competition" to "community."

How to make people remember who you are and what you do

Hey, perfectionist. Here's how to leverage your personality trait and use it for good, not evil (or sheer irritation)

Learn from my biggest blogging struggle: Content evolution (not writer's block)

I'm a person who changes her mind a lot. My issue has never been doing the work; it's been doing the work...and then realizing I want to do slightly different work.

Sound familiar? Here are the 5 steps I take, over and over, to keep myself checked-in to my content evolution and happy with the stories I'm sharing with the world.

work funnies

LOL! 22 times Kate McKinnon was all of us in a meeting that just won't end

How to find a job you love (really)

Some people are happy working for a paycheck. I'm not one of those people. If you aren't, either, this is for you.

Here's are 4 lessons to learn today to get you moving toward a job you actually enjoy without worrying about paying your bills.

Your dream job is a unicorn. Here's what you should look for instead

Spoiler alert: When we think about "dream jobs," we're setting ourselves up for failure.

The way we think about our ideal careers is broken. This is the path to fixing it.

What loving your work does (and doesn't) mean. Hint: It doesn't mean you're blissfully happy 24/7/365


18 copywriting lessons to help you create Pinterest graphics that stand out from the crowd (in good ways), get shares (like whoa), and clicks (from all the right people)