11 blog post prompts for Aquarius season

By Brittany Taylor

11 blogging prompts for Aquarius season

Want to add some moon magic to your content brainstorming process? Here's how to get started (and where to look for inspo).

by Brittany Taylor

Last updated July 1, 2019

Cold. Dark. Lonely and isolated. That’s the middle of January—and the start of Aquarius season.

But Aquarians aren’t lonely people. They’re not ones to seek silence. Aquarians are group-gatherers and community-builders. They are suns, energy-givers and vision-seekers. They are the innovators of our world.

I find it interesting that Aquarians come into their own just as the rest of us cast around, looking for someone to bring us out of the depths of mid-winter. They might just be the leaders we seek—and the inspiration we need to push ourselves forward.

Remember, fellow non-Aquarians: You don’t have to be a member of a particular star sign to gain inspiration from its traits.

These 11 blog post prompts for Aquarius season are proof of that. Use them to brainstorm blog posts, social media updates, email newsletters, new products, and more.

Prompt #1. What’s the most important thing you need to consider or accomplish before you tackle a large task or goal?

Aquarius is the eleventh of 12 zodiac signs. It’s the next-to-last sign before the year begins anew. Often, we overlook the next-to-last in favor of the shiny thing we’re fixated upon. Often, though, that shiny object syndrome works to our disadvantage. Focus on an important but overlooked point or must-do that your audience shouldn’t forget about.

Prompt #2. Explain how you developed a signature trademark that your work now bears.

FYI: Aquarius is called “the water bearer.” Being the quote-unquote water bearer is associated with philanthropy and objectivity. Water is something we need to stay alive. It’s what people in power traditionally bring to the poor as a show of their charity and humility. It’s a trademark of their posts. What’s yours?

Prompt #3. Tell a dumb joke you remember from your past.

What’s Aquarius’ ruling planet? You called it: Uranus. The great thing about bad jokes is that they’re an ice breaker and a bonding experience. Chances are good we’ve heard the one you want to tell a story about. And if we haven’t, we’ll at least be able to relate to your experience.

Prompt #4. What’s something avant-garde that you didn’t understand at first?

An Aquarius is said to be innovative and ahead of their time, but that doesn’t mean they comprehend everything the first time around. As a Scorpio, I have trouble with innovation. Do you? Not getting every last thing isn’t a failure, it’s part of your humanity. Embrace it.

Prompt #5. Share a dream you have about what the world will be like some time in the future.

If Aquarius was a genre, it’d be science fiction. Lean into the future by confiding your visions, ideas, or fears with your audience. What are you working hard to make happen? What do you want to prevent? What do you foresee? What does your dream future look like? Consider these questions as you use this prompt.

Prompt #6. What sort of community is feeding your soul right now?

An Aquarius is a born leader. They bring people together, uniting them around a common cause. But leaders don’t exist solely in their leadership roles—they need to be followers, too, to feel the buoyant energy of a group around them rather than to be in command of that group 24/7. Whether you tend toward leadership roles or prefer to be led most of the time, tell your followers about a community that is supporting you and keeping you going.

Prompt #7. Talk about an emotion that you’ve been keeping away from your professional life.

A downside of being an Aquarius is the reluctance to express feelings. That’s one of the negative traits of the sign: a desire to remain rational instead of emotional. Are you tamping down your feelings, perhaps trying to squelch emotions like guilt, shape, doubt, or inadequacy? Talk it out. That’s the way to accept it and move past it.

Prompt #8: What’s on your to-do list?

The water-bearers, along with the bulls, the lions, and the scorpions, are a fixed sign. They’re planners, masters of the to-do list. Share what’s on yours right now. Or, compose a to-do list that could help your audience achieve a goal. Go beyond the ordinary. Think epic. Include every tiny detail that most content creators forget to discuss.

Prompt #9: Tell us about a friend that means the most to you.

A friend group is incomplete without an Aquarius to rally them. Do you have a friend who plots out the details of your escapades? The one who makes sure your dreams are feasible and your adventures won’t be wild goose chases? Tell us about that person. And if that person is you, share a story about that time you corralled your group of friends and accomplished something great...or about that time you let someone else take control and everything went belly-up. Or, maybe it went great—this is your story, after all.

Prompt #10: What makes you moody or anxious?

We all have trigger points. For an Aquarius, that can often be one-on-one time. Great with a group Aquarians are. Not so much with solo face-time. Sometimes, we can’t pinpoint where this off-balance feeling comes from. If you’re having trouble homing in on a source, use this prompt as a way to explore that sense of something being off-kilter.

Prompt #11: Describe the last thing you obsessed over

One of the downsides of being a details person is that an Aquarius can quickly make the leap from being thorough to acting neurotic. I totally get this: I’m an obsessive person, too. There’s no point in trying not to obsess. Instead, I’ve found that digging in to why you’re obsessing is a healthier approach. Look for patterns and themes, emotional connections and spiritual commonalities. What’s drawing you to this thing, action, or person?

H/T to Astrostyle.com for their succinct description of Aquarian personality traits. Click here for more.


Hello! My name is Brittany Taylor, and I am a ghostwriter based in Charleston, S.C.

Brittany Taylor


Hello! My name is Brittany Taylor, and I am a ghostwriter based in Charleston, S.C.


Brittany Taylor

Hello! My name is Brittany Taylor, and I am a ghostwriter based in Charleston, S.C.

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