Best of 2018

Good news, great stuff, inspiring ideas, + the most exhilarating, empowering, emotional moments of 2018 so far

great read

This is what you can do to be a good trans ally. Now stop asking and do it.


Elizabeth Gilbert memorializing the woman she loved

This isn't a happy moment. It's sad. But it's also the most beautiful show of love and understanding. I hope to love and be loved like that, some day. Excuse me while I go mop up my face.

great reads

Margot Robbie on creating the career she wanted, not the one Hollywood wanted to give her

The actress' career mantra: "quality, versatility, and longevity." Lacey Rose pens this excellent profile for the Hollywood Reporter as Margot promotes I, Tonya.

Also: capitalizing on success, changing the narrative, and what it's like to deal with death threats

Balancing act

Go Fug Me founders talk covering the Golden Globes during #MeToo

Double standards

Jill Gutowitz on how the internet forgives straight white guys

good news

Hoda Kotb is the new Today Show anchor!

It's the first time Today will be led by two women, and the first time I've watched it since Meredith Vieira left.


Waking up to #TIMESUP on New Year's Day

Instagram (and media outlets alike) exploded when the biggest names in show business took to social media to announce the launch of TIME'S UP, a movement and legal defense fund for individuals facing sexual harassment and retaliation in the workplace, any workplace.