About Work.0

 What does life look like when you're excited to go to work every day? 

 Let's find out.

 Let's get really real.

Those "if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life" posters are pretty and all, but they aren't realistic. No job is perfect. If you loved every single aspect, it wouldn't be work.

Still, there's a monumental difference between that naive view of work and a practical POV that ranks passion just as high as salary and benefits.

Loving some aspect of your job is really freaking important. 

Nobody understands how important it is until you wake up and you just don't.

Nobody gets how emotional Sunday night can become until you start dreading the Monday morning alarm.

Nobody realizes the physical and mental impact a bad workplace can have on you until you're months in and you can't handle it anymore.

 I created Work.0 because I know where you're coming from. 

 I get it because I've been there. Toxic work environment, bitchy coworkers, tasks I loathed? That was the first rung on my career ladder. 

What made it bearable was finding one thing I loved about that job. For me, that was the people I served. Some thing never change.

When I found the escape hatch, I started a revenge reading marathon.

My topics of choice: work culture, work/life balance, and best practices for leaders and managers.

Work.0 is the result of reading, talking, thinking, learning, living, and (yes!) working.

 Bottom line: We're in a new age of work. 

It's not that what we do matters less than it used to, it's that we're finally thinking about the why.


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