About Me

My name is Brittany Taylor, and I love stories and the people who tell them.

SeeBrittWrite owner and founder Brittany Taylor

Who am i?

I'm a ghostwriter, a content strategist, and the chick who's going to help you figure out how to spin your life—both personal and professional—into a web of stories that captures the right kind of attention from the right kind of people.

I've been telling stories professionally for a decade, first as an intern, then as a staff writer, then as a magazine editor, then as a freelancer, and now, as a ghostwriter. My work has been published by SELF, Teen Vogue, Q by Equinox, Greatist, and more.

Today, I work one-on-one with clients across the United States and Canada. They span industries, job titles, and tax categories, but they all have one thing in common: They love their work.

I live and work in Charleston, S.C., alongside a demanding taskmaster, Georgie the Goldendoodle, who routinely shows up on my Instagram feed. If we're on a call and you hear a dog, that's him and we're sorry.

SeeBrittWrite creator and writer Brittany Taylor

I have a lot of ideas about "the grind." The first idea: I hate calling work "a grind."

I loathe "rise and grind" philosophy. I love my job. I love listening to people talk about what they do and why they kick ass at it, and I love figuring out how to communicate that to other people.

I believe that work is about more than paying the bills. It's more than a place you go for 8-ish hours a day, and more than the job that's going to help you retire one day.

Work is an integral part of who we are as professional people. Work isn't all the defines us, but it's a big part of it—and that part of us should be celebrated! We should talk about it! We should explore it! And we should work together to make it better, more inclusive, more enjoyable for all of us.

What all of this has to do with you

This matters. Why? Because you work hard at what you do—and you love it!—and you're ready for people to recognize your passion, your excellence, and your very big, occasionally ballsy ideas about whatever it is you do and whoever it is you do it for.

And also: You want more. You want a promotion. You want a Next Great Career Move. You want more clients, better paying clients, clients approaching you instead of the you approaching them. You want opportunities to come winging your way. You want to be noticed.

To get more, you have to get noticed. To do that, you have to stand out. To do that, you have to get personal. You have to acquaint people with you—not the whole you, not the TMI you, not the you that lounges around in your underwear while watching TGIT. I'm talking about the you that your coworkers know and adore. You know, the you that your boss praises to the big boss! The you that cracks people up over candy bowls!

I want people to know that person.

Start small, start big. start sharing what fires you up today.