About Me


My name is Brittany Taylor, and I tell stories.

My stories and your stories on blog posts and beyond.

 I'm a ghostwriter, a content strategist, and the chick who's going to help you figure out how to spin your life—both personal and professional—into a web of stories that captures the right kind of attention from the right kind of people.

I've been telling stories professionally for a decade, first as an intern, then as a staff writer, then as a magazine editor, then as a freelancer, and now, as a ghostwriter. My work has been published by SELF, Teen Vogue, Q by Equinox, Greatist, and more.

Today, I work one-on-one with clients across the United States and Canada. They span industries, job titles, and tax categories, but they all have one thing in common: They love their work.

I live and work in Charleston, S.C., alongside a demanding taskmaster, Georgie the Goldendoodle, who routinely shows up on my Instagram feed. If we're on a call and you hear a dog, that's him and we're sorry.