About Me

 I look forward to Mondays. 

 And I want to help you love 'em, too. 

 Hi! My name is Brittany Taylor. Work0 is my brainchild. 

I'm the mastermind, the commiserator-in-chief, and the chick who's gonna help you figure out what you're loving about your current job, what that could mean for your career trajectory, and how to communicate it so that more dream-y opportunities come your way.

 If you're looking for a job title, mine is: 

Brand writer and content marketing strategist. I work with traditional employees, freelancers, consultants, coaches, and solopreneurs.

 All of my clients have two things in common: 

They want rewarding careers they feel passionate about and personally connected to, and they want to become leaders and influencers in their communities and industries.

I live and work in Charleston, S.C.​


 I work to pay the bills. 

But I'm also looking for the right balance of passion, service, and culture. 

Here's my life in work:


During high school, I worked in a shoe store. I loved helping customers troubleshoot their footwear problems. I hated upselling. Icky.


Over college breaks, I interned at different media outlets. I was big on small staffs and weekly bagel breakfasts. Commutes, not so much.

Staff Editor

My first job out of college was as an online editor for a national tween magazine. I loved the work, but the stress level trashed my health.

Freelance Writer

I used my magazine skills to work independently for other outlets. Interviewing experts was incredible. Continually looking for work was exhausting, and waiting months for skimpy checks wasn't fun, either.

Business Owner

I started SeeBrittWrite out of a need for security and a desire to write what I found interesting for the people I wanted to work with most. Branding was never what I thought I wanted to do, until I did it and adored it.

 I've been writing about work and life for years. 


18 copywriting lessons to help you create Pinterest graphics that stand out from the crowd (in good ways), get shares (like whoa), and clicks (from all the right people)