92 more blogging prompts for creative business owners

By Brittany Taylor

92 more blogging prompts

Brainstorm unique content ideas for a business blog (plus social media updates)

by Brittany Taylor

Last updated JULY 16, 2018

Do you remember those surveys we sent around as teens and posted to our LiveJournal and Xanga blogs? It was way back when Justin was with Britney and Britney was dancing around in spandex.

I’ve always thought that the most interesting blogging prompts are the ones that are reminiscent of those epic surveys of old. There’s only so many times you want to hit “reply all” on a series of questions that ask about your favorite color and the last person you called. You want oddball Qs, ones your friends would never pop over your 42-minute lunch period.

Those are the sorts of surveys I coveted then, and they’re the sorts of writing prompts I like to use when I’m brainstorming blog post ideas today.


Because it’s the strange questions that inspire interesting answers, and it’s the strange blog prompts that inspire original blog posts.

If you love a blogging prompt that makes you think beyond the ordinary, take a seat and pull out a blank sheet of paper. It’s brainstorming time.

92 blogging prompts for online business owners

The beginning of every great blog post is inspiration. These blogging prompts are meant to spark your inspiration.

Perhaps you’re developing blog posts from a content marketing plan and you want to add a personal element to your copy. Or, maybe you’re moving forward with a looser idea of what your editorial calendar looks like.

Regardless of how you’re blogging, blogging prompts can help you do it better. If you’re not quite sure how to go from a blog prompt to a blog post, take a look at my brainstorming guide. It’ll teach you different tactics to use to build content from one interesting idea.

Now, on to the blogging prompts:
  • 1
    A book you cannot finish
  • 2
    What you’re teaching yourself right now
  • 3
    The scariest place you’ve ever been
  • 4
    The last time a song made you cry
  • 5
    Something someone was surprised to learn about you
  • 6
    A cool person you would love to be friends with
  • 7
    The best costume you’ve ever worn
  • 8
    How you met your best friend
  • 9
    The time you were kinda the worst
  • 10
    A nickname you grew up with
  • 11
    A stereotype other people think you fulfill
  • 12
    The song you sing in the shower
  • 13
    A silly confession
  • 14
    A stupid thing your parents told you that you believed
  • 15
    Your favorite smell
  • 16
    When you finally felt like an adult
  • 17
    What playing it safe would look like for you right now
  • 18
    Your favorite picture of yourself
  • 19
    How you could raise your bar
  • 20
    Your movie character alter ego
  • 21
    The natural disaster that freaks you out the most
  • 22
    The worst trivial punishment you can think of
  • 23
    One routine you have
  • 24
    One impossible thing you’ve been thinking about a lot lately
  • 25
    Something you really miss
  • 26
    The childhood cartoon character you identify with
  • 27
    What you wear when you want to transform yourself
  • 28
    The theme song you still remember from your childhood
  • 29
    Who does everyone else think you are?
  • 30
    What’s your roller derby name?
  • 31
    Where you were 5 years ago today
  • 32
    Something you miss about middle school
  • 33
    Your lucky charm
  • 34
    A rule you follow
  • 35
    A weird-to-others habit
  • 36
    A movie you watched a lot as a child (and probably shouldn’t have)
  • 37
    What kind of super villain you would be
  • 38
    What you always wanted to be able to do, but couldn’t (or haven’t)
  • 39
    The Disney song that is your anthem
  • 40
    Something that always makes you happy
  • 41
    The group you felt you never fit in with
  • 42
    The loneliest you’ve ever felt
  • 43
    Your weirdest pet peeve
  • 44
    Something you wonder about the world
  • 45
    A tourist trap you love
  • 46
    An old AIM username
  • 47
    The best family vacation you went on as a kid
  • 48
    Your first pick from a box of assorted chocolates
  • 49
    A religion that intrigues you
  • 50
    A recent “the grass is always greener” moment
  • 51
    Where you would want your ashes scattered
  • 52
    Your favorite thing to receive in the mail
  • 53
    What you look forward to the most every week
  • 54
    How you want to celebrate your next birthday
  • 55
    Your most recent disappointment
  • 56
    An embarrassing song you know by heart
  • 57
    The thing that made you the weird kid in elementary school
  • 58
    Your favorite pop culture hero
  • 59
    The nicest thing someone could possibly say to you
  • 60
    What scares you most about growing older
  • 61
    The reality show you can’t get enough of
  • 62
    The worst criticism you’ve ever received
  • 63
    A text you received recently that would be bizarre out of context
  • 64
    Your favorite 25-cent word
  • 65
    A time you were surprised by a grade you received in school
  • 66
    The last “adult” thing you did without complaining
  • 67
    Something you were supposed to do but didn’t
  • 68
    The best lie you’ve ever told
  • 69
    The celebrity you admire most
  • 70
    The bumper sticker that best describes you
  • 71
    Your quirkiest office supply
  • 72
    Something you find more “fascinating” than “ugly” or “beautiful”
  • 73
    The oldest piece of clothing you own
  • 74
    A good habit you’ve been meaning to work on, but haven’t yet
  • 75
    What makes your house a home
  • 76
    The phone app you love the most
  • 77
    A song you don’t understand
  • 78
    The best book you read in school
  • 79
    A word you wouldn’t want someone to use to describe you
  • 80
    Your favorite type of YouTube video to watch
  • 81
    The kid food you really want to buy at the grocery store this week
  • 82
    Something you would love to inherit from a family member
  • 83
    Your favorite writing utensil
  • 84
    Why your favorite teacher made such an impression on you
  • 85
    How you learned to drive a car
  • 86
    The best toy you ever got with a kid’s meal
  • 87
    Something you remember being gobsmacked by when you were younger
  • 88
    A store you can’t believe is still in business
  • 89
    Which famous artist would you want to create your portrait?
  • 90
    A quote you’re tired of hearing
  • 91
    A better way you have of doing something
  • 92
    A time you broke a bone

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Hello! My name is Brittany Taylor, and I am a ghostwriter based in Charleston, S.C.

Brittany Taylor


Hello! My name is Brittany Taylor, and I am a ghostwriter based in Charleston, S.C.


Brittany Taylor

Hello! My name is Brittany Taylor, and I am a ghostwriter based in Charleston, S.C.

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