89 Valentine’s Day prompts for blog posts and social media

By Brittany Taylor


89 Valentine's Day prompts

for blog posts and social media content

by Brittany Taylor

published February 12, 2018

updated May 30, 2018

As an adult, I’m pretty sure late winter would be better if we still glued doilies onto Cheerio boxes and sent each other cheesy valentines. Just because your inbox isn’t bursting with puns and lollipops doesn’t mean you can’t find a little fun in Valentine’s Day.

Call me a kid-at-heart. Call me a dork. Call me a crafty little critter who thinks too much about Sweethearts and overlarge Hershey’s Kisses. No matter what you call me, though, I know I’m right. Whether you’re single or coupled up, happy or sad, sugar-free or gorging on chocolate, there’s always a little love lurking in February 14 and the days leading up to it.

Ready to get your brain in gear for the day of hearts? (Oh, I’ve got V-Day wordplay that’ll last for years.) If ya don’t find inspiration here, ya might wanna move on to St. Patrick’s Day.

Read on for my very long list of Valentine’s Day prompts for blog posts, social media, and anything else you’re looking to make or do this time of year.

  • 1
    What can you learn from a person you admire?
  • 2
    Which industry expert would be your valentine?
  • 3
    Which candy sweetheart is your business mantra?
  • 4
    How do you pick a beau?
  • 5
    How to choose something you know you’ll love for a long time
  • 6
    How to be a little less sweet
  • 7
    How to be the rose, not the carnation
  • 8
    The first time you looked at something or someone and said to yourself, “that’s mine”
  • 9
    What do your obsessions say about you?
  • 10
    How you fell back in love with something
  • 11
    When you realized you weren’t a perfect angel—and how you became OK with that
  • 12
    The one thing you care about the most
  • 13
    What you would love for someone to say to you in a card
  • 14
    If Cupid was matchmaking in your industry, what or who would he pair you with?
  • 15
    A work memory you cherish
  • 16
    The one thing you prefer doing solo
  • 17
    Something you wish more people were aware of
  • 18
    A woo-ing gone wrong
  • 19
    The candy that speaks to your heart
  • 20
    Something you’re nervous about telling someone you like about
  • 21
    The biggest lie you told to a date
  • 22
    In your professional tool box, what acts as your bow and what acts as your arrow?
  • 23
    What everyone else is obsessed with and you couldn’t give a shit about
  • 24
    An addiction you struggle with
  • 25
    Is romance important to you?
  • 26
    A tool that you absolutely adore
  • 27
    What about you work turns you on, creatively?
  • 28
    How you created something you love
  • 29
    What saves you when you’re feeling alone?
  • 30
    What industry topic makes you see red?
  • 31
    What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for love of your career?
  • 32
    What you think you should want that you don’t actually want
  • 33
    What would you write in a love letter to your job?
  • 34
    The last thing that made you blush
  • 35
    The most romantic movie line you’ve ever heard
  • 36
    A boss you admire, but whom you have no desire to emulate
  • 37
    How to make long distance love work
  • 38
    An old routine, item, job, or project that you still have a lot of affection for
  • 39
    What you wouldn’t do for love
  • 40
    An opportunity that would make you kiss your current work life goodbye
  • 41
    A reality of your work you’d break up with if you could
  • 42
    How you would play matchmaker to your at-work favorites
  • 43
    Something you wanted to do (or someone you wanted to work with) that didn’t work out
  • 44
    The best gift you’ve ever gotten
  • 45
    The work investments you’re currently crushing on
  • 46
    When have your flirted with non-monogamy at work
  • 47
    Everything you’ve tried to dump a bad habit
  • 48
    A work crush
  • 49
    What unexpected job you would secretly love to do?
  • 50
    Your favorite greeting card
  • 51
    What keeps you coming back?
  • 52
    The love song the defines your relationship with a bad client
  • 53
    A silly thing that makes you sentimental
  • 54
    Where were you when you heard big news about a celeb you were obsessed with?
  • 55
    A love-at-first-sight experience
  • 56
    How do you find perspective or balance when you’re infatuated with something or someone?
  • 57
    If you’d been married to a profession early in your career, what would you be doing now?
  • 58
    How do you feel about professional PDA?
  • 59
    What city is the home-at-heart to your work?
  • 60
    If your work was a lovechild, who or what would be its parents?
  • 61
    Love is a battlefield. What’s your professional battlefield?
  • 62
    What’s making your heart pound right now?
  • 63
    If love conquered all, what would your love for your work help you accomplish?
  • 64
    Something you’ve loved that you’ve let go
  • 65
    The thorny side of your work
  • 66
    What you consider beautiful in or about your industry
  • 67
    How do you show your clients or customers that you love them?
  • 68
    A time you got too emotionally invested?
  • 69
    The first, second, and third bases of your process
  • 70
    Notable “first times” for your readers
  • 71
    Why you’re single or coupled up
  • 72
    What makes a perfect date?
  • 73
    What you’ve learned about liking something or someone
  • 74
    Molly Ringwald is Pretty In Pink. What’s your color?
  • 75
    What you wear when you want to feel like hot stuff
  • 76
    The work games you play—or don’t
  • 77
    How many different types of love have you experienced?
  • 78
    A project or client you’re lovesick for or about
  • 79
    The idea, plan, or product you wish you hadn’t given up on
  • 80
    Your most recent “woohoo!” moment
  • 81
    What you were like at 14
  • 82
    Something unrelated to your work that you’re enamored with
  • 83
    How do you come down from the highs of a fling or love affair?
  • 84
    Industry rumors you wish were true
  • 85
    What would happen if you let your love horoscope tell you what to do or expect at work?
  • 86
    When should you not pursue a passion?
  • 87
    Life would be easier if you loved this
  • 88
    The characteristics you tend to fall for
  • 89
    Your best forget-me-not secret for first impressions


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