56 blogging prompts to help you tell stories on your blog, email newsletter, or social media

By Brittany Taylor

I’m like the Haley Joel Osment of storytelling: I see narratives everywhere.

If that’s not you—yet!—take heart, because it absolutely can be. Your brain just needs a little push to start connecting the daily interactions you have and the observations you make with the professional opinions and ideas you want to share with the world.

Read on for a very long list of places, experiences, and people you can draw from to add human interest and a punch of personality to blog posts, email newsletters, social media, and any other type of content you want to create for your brand.

It’s a gold mine. I know because I’ve used every single one of these blogging prompts at least once to illustrate a point of some kind, somewhere online.

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56 story-centric blogging prompts

  1. A campy car wash sign (That post lives here.)
  2. That time you bought almost the right thing at the grocery store, but not quite (Bacon Ritz Crackers? Not a keeper.)
  3. Your first kiss (Wet. So wet.)
  4. The last time you were stuck in a car with your family
  5. The very legitimate reason you had your mouth washed out with soap
  6. A movie that changed the way you viewed the world. (My most recent “wow” moment was Wonder Woman.)
  7. A lie you told that you regretted immediately
  8. The last time you went to the DMV
  9. What you did when you were locked out of the house after school
  10. A test you bombed. (Heyyy, geometry!)
  11. The thing you shoplifted when you were a kid—or thought about shoplifting. (I was such a goody-goody, guys.)
  12. The first person you ever crushed on—and what were you thinking?!
  13. A bad TV show you’re addicted to
  14. When you figured out the subtext to that movie you loved as a kid
  15. The sugary cereal Mom never bought you (Oh, for the love of Cookie Crisp)
  16. Your dream job that never played out (Thanks, geometry.)
  17. The first person who broke your heart
  18. A thing you hate that the whole world loves
  19. That surprisingly secular motivational sign by the local Lutheran church
  20. …and the vet office that posts weird animal facts every week
  21. Your local weatherman’s quirk of choice
  22. A sentimental heirloom (that you lost)
  23. The nostalgia you held for Blockbuster
  24. Your most gullible moment ever (Here’s mine from a chemistry class in 7th grade)
  25. A Friday-night ritual that’s not-NSFW
  26. Your lucky socks
  27. The patently hipster vibe of your local artisan coffee shop
  28. The homeless guy you buy bread and bologna for on Tuesdays
  29. The worst autocorrect you’ve seen IRL
  30. A YouTube video you’ve bookmarked for when you need a laugh, stat
  31. The TV show you pretend to follow because all of your friends do
  32. Any waiting room
  33. Any long line
  34. Any time you’re on mass transit
  35. The time you made an ass out of yourself at a meeting
  36. The time someone else was the ass at a meeting
  37. Your first boss
  38. Your first office
  39. When you negotiated for something
  40. An insult you’ve never forgotten
  41. The one thing you can’t forgive someone for
  42. A catchphrase from 10 years aog that you’re still saying
  43. The moment you realized someone you admired was an asshole
  44. When you overcome a fear
  45. A natural disaster
  46. Where you were when something historically significant happened
  47. The one trivial thing you can’t live without
  48. A family recipe that’s legendary, or remarkable awful, or very nearly ancient, or just so Grandma Anne.
  49. Your first dog
  50. A travel experience that wasn’t so bad, in hindsight
  51. The last time you were truly shocked by something
  52. A thing you cut out of your life
  53. That friend you lost touch with but kind of miss
  54. The first funeral you remember attending
  55. The best meal you ever had
  56. When you saved the day

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- Brittany Taylor


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