Be the boss with the brand dream clients crush on.

Let's make it happen!

Every brand you're loyal to has a story.

Yours does, too, but it's stuck inside your brain.

That's why you're here—to get it out of your head and in front of your dream clients.

SeeBrittWrite owner and founder Brittany Taylor
SeeBrittWrite is a brand story studio, and I'm the chick in charge.

My name is Brittany Taylor, and I craft brand stories that customers fall in love with.

What's a brand story?

A brand story is the character you create for your business.

It is personality, history, culture—and all those quirky details that turn your audience into a horde of squeeing fangirls. Your brand story should own your weirdness, not squelch it.

Who's it for?

Bosses, period.

My brand story clients are on a mission to improve the lives of their customers. They are building businesses that reflect their unique points of view. For my crowd, "intentional" and "authentic" aren't buzzwords, they're mantras.

How do brand stories help businesses grow? Just like this:

Your dream clients crave stories.

Scientists say humans are actually hard-wired this way.

They're searching for stories they connect with.

Think: shared experiences, similar values, and messages that motivate them to take action.

When they stumble on a resonant brand story, they're all in.

Reading blog posts, blowing up your Instagram, replying to your weekly newsletter. It's sort of like how you binge on potato chips, minus the crumbs and grease stains.

That emotional connection turns your dream clients into customers.

An excellent customer experience will make them clients—and fans—for life. Repeat business? Check. Referral business? Check!

Get in on this!

You, your business, and a band of brand-fans? Hello, dream-possible.
SeeBrittWrite offers two brand story services:

The Brainstorm offers DIYers one-on-one guidance and strategies, along with 6 months of blog post ideas, content upgrade suggestions, social media campaigns, and more goodies.

The Workshop delivers an all-inclusive brand storytelling smorgasbord, complete with web copy, content marketing strategies, collaboration with your creative team, and seven calls. Oh, and unlimited revisions.

Let's make you the boss with the dreamy clients.