Love what you do. 

 Then share it. 

The best work comes from a place of passion, excitement, and happiness. 

That's the Work.0 mantra. And you know what? Science is on our side.

 When you're happy, you... 

get better jobs

Source: study published by the APA

accomplish more

Source: a University of Warwick study

outperform your competition

Source: a 20-year study by Alex Edmans

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 Step 1. 

 Discover what you love about your work. 

Pinpoint your happy place. Work.0 can help.

Employee? Freelancer? Boss? The Work.0 blog helps you find (and share) the love, no matter your situation.

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 Step 2. 

 Invest in your future work happiness. 

 That's where personal branding comes in. 

Your personal brand is how the world sees you. It's your chance to control the impression you make on your industry.

Remember: Opportunities don't read minds, and neither do recruiters. If you want the work you love to find you, you have to improve your visibility. 

Hi! My name is Brittany Taylor.

I turn my clients' interests, goals, and expertise into personal brands that turn heads.

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Brittany Taylor

What I can help you accomplish

• Present a polished, story-based profile on LinkedIn

• Craft website copy that targets your ideal audience

• Grow your brand by ghostwriting blog posts, e-courses, e-books, email newsletters, and social media content