what you want:

More traffic

More fans

More sales

More money


what you need:

Sounds-like-you writing

Original post ideas

Strategic content planning

Unlimited revisions

the easiest way to get it all:

hello! My name is Brittany Taylor.

I write blog posts for bosses.

Small business owners hire me to manage their content so they can focus on work they can take to the bank.

We're all friends here, so let's be honest: You don't have enough time to create content that's good enough, long enough, and different enough to help you stand out from your competitors.

You're not the only one.

Running a small business is like beasting your way through an Iron Man, except there aren't three events; there are 50.

The great thing about entrepreneurship, though, is that you're not in it alone. Say the word and you can turn your hustle into a team event.

Consider me a content cross-trainer.

About me

I am a Charleston, S.C.-based ghostwriter with a penchant for storytelling, a degree from the University of Richmond, 10 years of freelance work with entrepreneurs, and bylines from SELF, TeenVogue, and Greatist.


I can help you do your job better.

Side by side, we can conquer the world—or at least this small business thing.

Even if your work is a solo venture, even if you started your online business to DIY every last thing, even if your creativity is best served alone, work and life is better together.

It's easier, too.

Imagine crossing off a slew of blogging to-do's forever.

Imagine content with your byline that makes people want to be your biggest fan, your most attentive student, and your BFF.

Imagine more hours for work that makes your heart sing.

Together, we can make it happen. Here's how:

WRITE + Publish

blog posts, email newsletters, and social media posts that will grow your audience (and your web traffic)


creative content ideas that will leave your competitors in the dust


content marketing plans that will turn readers into repeat customers